• “Almost ate the USB flash drive” interesting USB flash drive design, netizen: the designer’s brain is really big enough

    “Almost ate the USB flash drive” interesting USB flash drive design, netizen: the designer’s brain is really big enough

    U disk, the full name of USB flash drive, is a small thing that we often use every day. It is small and exquisite, easy to carry, and has a large storage capacity, More importantly, its price is not very expensive. Most of the U disks that we commonly use in our daily lives have ordinary appearan...
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  • The best Black Friday tech deals that are already available

    All products recommended by Engadget are selected by our editorial team, independent of our parent company. If you buy something through one of the links on this page, we may earn an affiliate commission. Pricing and availability are accurate as of the time of publication but are subject to chang...
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  • Amazon Echo Dot with Clock

    Engadget Review The Amazon Echo Dot with Clock is really just the same as the Echo Dot but with a clock. For just $10 more, we see no reason not to get this one instead. It’s just as stylish, the audio quality is just as good and it’s just as functional, if not even more so than the other. The di...
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  • Everything you should know about Bluetooth speakers

    The development of technology has given life to a variety of products that can help people to make their lives easy. Bluetooth speakers can be considered as a perfect example to prove the above mentioned fact. When you heard the word speakers a few years back, you would visualize big huge boxes i...
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  • Хусусиятҳои умумии баромадкунандагон Bluetooth

    Хусусиятҳои умумии баромадкунандагон Bluetooth

    Дар бозор маҳсулоти бештари гӯшмонакҳои Bluetooth мавҷуданд, дар ҳоле ки баромадкунандагон Bluetooth нисбатан каманд. Динамике бо ном Bluetooth ба воқеан сухан мегӯяд, ки ба протоколи интиқоли Bluetooth ҳамчун интиқолдиҳанда барои интиқоли маълумот такя мекунад. Азбаски аксари дастгоҳҳои мобилӣ (телефонҳои мобилӣ, лапто ...
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  • Таҳрири сохтори сахтафзор

    USB сими чаҳор симро истифода мебарад. Дуи онҳо каналҳои пайдарпай барои интиқоли маълумот мебошанд ва дуввумаш барои дастгоҳҳои поёноб қувваи барқ ​​медиҳанд. Ҳама қисмҳои перифериеро, ки бо ҳам пайвастанд ва аз ҷониби ҳамдигар эътироф шудаанд, ҳарду дастгоҳҳо бо суръати баланд дастгирӣ хоҳанд кард. USB-автобус ...
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  • Муқаддима USB

    Муқаддима USB

    Universal Serial Bus (USB) як усули пайдоиши коммуникатсияи додаҳо мебошад, ки тадриҷан дигар стандартҳои интерфейсро иваз кард. Он соли 1995 аз ҷониби ширкатҳои компютерӣ ва ширкатҳои алоқа ба монанди Intel, Compaq, Digital, IBM, Microsoft, NEC ва Northern Telecom таъсис ёфтааст. Якҷоя дар ... таҳия карда шудааст
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