Protective Face Shield Mask,Medical isolationa shield

  • Model:KB340
  • Material:High Definition Anti Fog PET
  • Size:334*220*0.2mm
  • Executive Standard:GB/T1.1-2009
  • Effectively avoid the infection caused by the spillage of blood and body fluids of patients with virus in the process of receiving medical accident treatment

  • Product Detail

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    Use: tear off the anti-scratch film before wearing
    Crystal clear, double-sided anti-fog and anti-static coating treatment. 
    Comfortable to wear for a long time
    All Round Protection – 180 degree wide range protection. 
    Full face protection from particle droplets, spray, splatter, saliva, wind, smoke and debris. Adjustable elastic band can work for most people
    • Widely Use – Keep several of these safety face shield in your daypack, at home, at work or in your car. Use it in outdoor, kitchen and your office to protect your health. The face shield can fit over most eyeglasses and can be used with disposable face masks  to provide more effective protection
    • Reusable safety face shields. The visor can be cleaned after every use with free cloth and water, or wiped with alcohol (recommended)
    • Note: Non-medical equipment products, please use reasonably


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